Dr. Emike Aliu

As part of my job, I meet a variety of people and help put smiles on their faces. I particularly love seeing the progression from the start of treatment to the end.

The joy patients express in being able to smile bigger and wider every day as corrections are being made is contagious. I’m extremely honored to have the opportunity to provide such a service.

The relationships I build with patients and their families during the course of treatment usually lasts a lifetime. Providing treatment for one member of the family usually opens the door to other family members and friends. I always look forward to strengthening such relationships by meeting more people and their families. We at Elite Orthodontics strive in promoting such positivity and growth.

“Dr. Aliu is amazing. I’m a dentist myself and I’m very picky about who I let do my work. Dr. Aliu did an amazing job with my braces. She is a leader in the field and uses the most advanced technologies. You don’t get a higher recommendation than one from another dentist and I would highly recommend Elite orthodontics. ”


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